Tikka Masala BBQ

Tikka Masala Madness BBQ

It’s super hot where I live, especially in the summer. It’s the kind of hot that when other people from other places complain about their heat and humidity, people from where I live roll their eyes. And because it’s so super hot, the last thing I want to do is spend too much time in front of a grill or oven or stove, cooking.

But, thanks to the pandemic, we’ve been doing a lot of cooking. The same things. All the time.

And thanks to a giant superstore we all know, who ended up replacing my one small order of all-natural chicken drumsticks with three family packs of regular chicken drumsticks, we’ve been eating our collective weight in chicken.

So this past week, I decided to try something new with our plethora of chicken. (hint: new, in my house, is defined as easy. And hopefully foolproof.)

Something simple. Something quick. Something that maybe the creators of Monkey Madness Foods didn’t intend…

If you don’t feel like reading my Tikka Masala Madness BBQ experiment, feel free to jump to the recipe!

What you’ll need

Prep Time  

5 minutes

Cook Time

35 minutes

Let’s Get Messy!

Tikka Masala BBQ

This recipe is super easy and simple. I think the hardest part is covering the pan in foil for simple cleanup. By the way, this isn’t a true BBQ method (because remember, it’s super hot and I don’t want to be outside), but you could easily throw these legs on the grill and go to town.

I’m stingy with my Monkey Madness sauce, so I pour just a little of the Tikka Masala into a separate bowl. This way, I can cover my winged beasts in sauce without dipping raw chicken juice back in the jar. But you do you.

Next, cover all sides of your meat – and don’t hold back.

Slide those chickens into the oven at 350 degrees and let cook for about 25-30 minutes. Sometimes I turn the broiler on for an extra 5 minutes, to give a bit of a crispy finish.

And that’s it. I mean, seriously. Have a glass of wine while dinner cooks. Then make sure everyone knows just how hard you worked on this meal and that you definitely deserve a foot rub.

About Monkey Madness and Chef Sheel Joshi

Monkey Madness sauces are created by Michelin-rated chef Sheel Joshi who comes from an Indo-European culinary training of 25 years with influences from his travels across Europe and Asia. Chef Sheel’s food has been recognized by Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, The Food Network show “The Best of Ethnic Eats,” LA Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Travel Guide “The Lonely Planet,” Paper City Magazine, Houstonia Magazine and many more.

Monkey Madness sauces shares his love for family and friends with our customers. His childhood memories of cooking in the kitchen with his mother while playing “monkey” with his father still echoes in his home. Our brand desires to bring that fun, ease, and joy of cooking to your home.

Monkey Madness elevates the Indian sauce market through high quality flavor, authenticity, and conscious choice of ingredients. Our customers are experienced and inexperienced “foodies” seeking to create in their kitchen, authentic Indian food with the freedom to “make their own” and allowing fun in the kitchen with some Monkey Madness!

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