‘Please-Your-Mother-In-Law’ Chicken Vindaloo Curry

I’m lucky enough to LOVE my mother-in-law. We have a wonderful relationship, a lot in common, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. But when I told her the other night that I was making Indian food for dinner, in her kitchen, she wrinkled her nose and gave me a look that said Girl, you have lost your mind.

She’s had the same experience most of us have had with Indian food – primarily in restaurants, primarily made with curry powder, primarily over-seasoned and over-spicy.

My response to her?

I popped open a jar of Monkey Madness Vindaloo Curry sauce and said, Smell this.

She tentatively sniffed it, then gave me the green light to make Indian food in her kitchen. Did she love it? Read on to find out!

If you don’t feel like reading, feel free to jump to the recipe!

What you’ll need

Prep Time  

5 minutes

Cook Time

25 minutes

Let’s Get Messy!

The stakes were high with this recipe. Not only did I need to make a dinner that everyone would like and eat, from age toddler to senior, but I also had to overcome years of ingrained dislike for Indian food. Which I get. I think a lot of the Indian food we have in the States is about as similar to real Indian food as Tex-Mex is to Mexican food.

To get started, I shooed my lovely mother-in-law out of the kitchen, took a deep breath, a sip of wine, and got my ingredients organized.

I decided to keep things simple this time around and make the recipe exactly as is on the jar.

I know.

I followed the rules – gasp!

Chicken and Vindaloo Curry

It definitely works better to cube your meat before cooking, rather than cook and cut later. Guesstimate about 1inch cubes. The key to this is to get your meat about the same size so everything cooks evenly.

Cube Chicken

Next, drizzle some olive oil (or avocado or coconut oil) in a large pan and add the cubed chicken.

Sautee Chicken

Chef Sheel’s tip is to always cook on medium heat. So that’s what I do, and I love it. The oil doesn’t pop out of the pan and ruin my shirts or burn my wrists. The meat calmly sizzles away, cooking itself to perfection. It’s quite relaxing, actually.

Sautee Chicken over Medium Heat

Give the meat a few turns to make sure it evenly cooks on all sides. This step takes about 5-7 minutes, depending on how small you cubed your chicken.

Cook Chicken All the way through

Next, pour your Vindaloo Curry in – use the whole jar!

The jar says to let simmer for about 15-20 minutes. (This is also proof that I DID follow the instructions!)

I covered mine, because I didn’t want all that lovely sauce to thicken too much. While the chicken is simmering, go ahead and make your rice and other sides.

Cover and Simmer Vindaloo Curry

And voila! Dinner in 20 minutes.

Now plate to impress your mother-in-law.

Vindaloo Chicken Curry

By the way, she was totally impressed. And went back for seconds.

Then thirds.

About Monkey Madness and Chef Sheel Joshi

Monkey Madness sauces are created by Michelin-rated chef Sheel Joshi who comes from an Indo-European culinary training of 25 years with influences from his travels across Europe and Asia. Chef Sheel’s food has been recognized by Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, The Food Network show “The Best of Ethnic Eats,” LA Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Travel Guide “The Lonely Planet,” Paper City Magazine, Houstonia Magazine and many more.

Monkey Madness sauces shares his love for family and friends with our customers. His childhood memories of cooking in the kitchen with his mother while playing “monkey” with his father still echoes in his home. Our brand desires to bring that fun, ease, and joy of cooking to your home.

Monkey Madness elevates the Indian sauce market through high quality flavor, authenticity, and conscious choice of ingredients. Our customers are experienced and inexperienced “foodies” seeking to create in their kitchen, authentic Indian food with the freedom to “make their own” and allowing fun in the kitchen with some Monkey Madness!

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