Chicken Mangelorean Madness

Chicken Mangalorean Madness at Home

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m new to Indian food. Sure, I’ve gone to restaurants before and had Indian dishes, but cooking it at home…not so much. Like many of you, this time in social distancing has me yearning for restaurants and new flavors, but while at home, it’s been all too easy to be stuck in my food routine.

I found the original recipe for Chicken Mangalorean on Food Network, and to be honest…it looked daunting. I mean…this was from a Michelin-rated chef! I had no business making something like this and experimenting on my family during a time when we couldn’t run out for a last minute dinner to make up for the possible disaster I could make of this recipe.

So instead, I opened up a jar of Monkey Madness Mangalorean Curry, made by the same Michelin-rated chef, and the rest? Easy peasy, happy plate, delicious history!

If you don’t feel like reading my Chicken Mangalorean Madness experience, feel free to jump to the recipe!

What you’ll need


  • 1/2 (13.5-ounce) can coconut milk

Prep Time  

10 minutes

Cook Time

25 minutes

Let’s Get Messy!

Get out your sautee pan and swirl some oil around the pan. When sauteing, I like to use an oil that’s good in high heats, like avocado oil. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons. I guesstimated. Heat the oil over medium heat (Chef Sheel’s tip!).

Get your chicken ready. The recipe calls for 2 inch cubes of chicken. Again, I guesstimated. FYI – this takes the longest part of the entire recipe. I know, right?! How awesome is that?!

Once your oil has heated up, throw the chicken in and stir it around for a bit, about 5-7 minutes. If it’s still a little pink on the inside, don’t worry. It’ll finish cooking in the sauce!

If you feel daring, go ahead and start simmering your Mangelorean Curry in a sauce pan. If you want to take it easy this time around, it’s fine to get that lovely sauce simmering after your chicken is done.

Now I’m a little bit of a weenie when it comes to super-spicey things, so I followed Chef Sheel’s tip to add a bit of coconut milk to tame the spice. Next time, I’ll only add a little bit and taste as I go. This sauce really does not need anything added to make it good.

This time, I added about half a can.

Stir and simmer about 10 minutes. My tip – play some fun music and dance while stirring.

Next, the recipe calls to add the chicken to the sauce. Well, I didn’t use a big enough pan to do that, so I drained the extra oil from the chicken pan, and poured the sauce into the chicken. #foodrebel

Okay, by now, my kitchen was smelling divine. My mouth was watering, my stomach grumbling, and I was already calling the family down to dinner. Because momma wasn’t waiting on anyone to dig into this meal.

After about five minutes of simmering the chicken in the mangelorean sauce, VOILA! Dinner was served!

No filter needed, and yes, it tastes as good, if not better than it looks. This was easy, tasty, and will become a fixed menu item on our meal rotation from now on!

About Monkey Madness and Chef Sheel Joshi

Monkey Madness sauces are created by Michelin-rated chef Sheel Joshi who comes from an Indo-European culinary training of 25 years with influences from his travels across Europe and Asia. Chef Sheel’s food has been recognized by Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, The Food Network show “The Best of Ethnic Eats,” LA Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Travel Guide “The Lonely Planet,” Paper City Magazine, Houstonia Magazine and many more.

Monkey Madness sauces shares his love for family and friends with our customers. His childhood memories of cooking in the kitchen with his mother while playing “monkey” with his father still echoes in his home. Our brand desires to bring that fun, ease, and joy of cooking to your home.

Monkey Madness elevates the Indian sauce market through high quality flavor, authenticity, and conscious choice of ingredients. Our customers are experienced and inexperienced “foodies” seeking to create in their kitchen, authentic Indian food with the freedom to “make their own” and allowing fun in the kitchen with some Monkey Madness!

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