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Curry Pork Ribs

Slow-Cooked Curry Pork Ribs

We’ve been super busy lately. So I was extremely grateful that our weather turned cool enough to bust out my slow-cooker. Throw some ingredients in the pot, forget about it, then dinner is magically done? Yeah, I’m on board with that.

But we were tired of all our normal recipes. So I decided to try something new.

Pork ribs – yum. But pork ribs in curry?

Why not!?

Chicken Mangelorean Madness

Chicken Mangalorean Madness at Home

I found the original recipe for Chicken Mangalorean on Food Network, and to be honest…it looked daunting. I mean…this was from a Michelin-rated chef! I had no business making something like this and experimenting on my family during a time when we couldn’t run out for a last minute dinner to make up for the possible disaster. So instead, I opened up a jar of Monkey Madness Mangalorean Curry, made by the same Michelin-rated chef, and the rest? Easy peasy, happy plate, delicious history!

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