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Sauces born out of decades of curiosity and exploration of authentic Indian flavors made with quality ingredients, tested and refined after years of requests by a Michelin-rated award winning Chef’s dedicated following.

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Our sauces contain no soy, no added sugar, no peanuts, no artificial flavors, and are gluten free!

Chef Sheel Joshi​

Chef Sheel Joshi

Monkey Madness sauces are created by Michelin-rated chef Sheel Joshi who comes from an Indo-European culinary training of 25 years with influences from his travels across Europe and Asia.  Chef Sheel’s food has been recognized by Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, The Food Network show “The Best of Ethnic Eats,” LA Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Travel Guide “The Lonely Planet,” Paper City Magazine, Houstonia Magazine and many more.

Monkey Madness sauces shares his love for family and friends with our customers.  His childhood memories of cooking in the kitchen with his mother while playing “monkey” with his father still echoes in his home.  Our brand, Monkey Madness desires to bring that fun, ease, and joy of cooking to your home.

Monkey Madness elevates the Indian sauce market through high quality flavor, authenticity, and conscious choice of ingredients.  Our customers are experienced and inexperienced “foodies” seeking to create in their kitchen, authentic Indian food with the freedom to “make their own” and allowing fun in the kitchen with some Monkey Madness!

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